Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rockin and blogging

I'm back! We're at a new stage with baby Z - the "I need lots of cuddles" stage - which is a blessing and a curse.  At the moment I'm cuddling her off to sleep, which is really lovely, but also means that all the other things I should be doing (dishes, laundry, Kindermusik work) is not being done. So I'm blogging from my phone which I haven't tried before. I know I'm not the only mum being pulled in many directions by competing demands, but I hope I can still keep enough perspective to savour these precious times when a cuddle from me is all she wants. She's asleep now... Back to the dishes!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Little Book Adventure

Oooh hello!  A quick post to tell you about The Little Book Adventure over My Little Bookcase - A series of monthly "challenges" for families and schools to celebrate the National Year of Reading.  The first challenge is to set up a child friendly way to display books in your house, so that they are easily accessible.  Here is the result of my first effort -
Ably assisted by my 11 month old.  Hmmm.  I think I am ready to buy a little tidy book carrier from Tidybooks.

Anyway, MLB is a great blog for people like me who love reading and sharing stories with their children.  Library nerds paradise, if you will.  It's lovingly curated by Jackie, and there are lots of reviews and giveaways of children's books and related things.  Another great book blog is Honeybee books another mum with lots of wonderful ideas about sharing books with children.  I love her lists, as a Kindermusik educator it's great to be able to recommend books to parents that compliment themes and concepts we explore in class.

Anyway to any random readers of this blog, I'd love to hear your suggestions for child friendly book storage for a nearly one year old that doesn't involve 10 minutes of tidying every time they "access" the books!  (Did I mention she tends to eat the books rather than read them?)